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Pre-hire evaluation &
Development Reports to
Cultivate Growth in your Workplace

Teamwork, management, leadership and communication: the top skills most business owners, managers and recruiters demand from their employees, prospects, and college graduates. To achieve the best results, businesses and organizations need to get these basics right first.

We provide tools you apply to cultivate growth in your workplace.

We’re committed to supporting ongoing coaching and development of top talent.

You, your team, your company can be more successful. We'll help you get there. You’re the engine; we provide the gears.

Hire with Confidence | Develop with Insight

One assessment can help you select the right candidate, avoid the wrong one, and manage a team with greater insight into their strengths.

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Featured Articles

Moving from sales to sales management

Moving from selling to managing the sales team can be a hard transition. Great performers get promoted and never perform as well in their new role. It’s almost a business cliché. How can this be prevented?

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Tips: Assessments and interviews in recruitment and talent acquisition

Suggestions for making better use of assessments and asking better interview questions. Improve your talent acquisition process.

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How does PXT Select™ work?

Start your selection process right. Information about the assessment, reports and the Profiles Assessment Center.

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PXT Select Leadership Report

This report looks at a candidate's potential leadership strengths and challenges, as well as provides customized questions that can be used to interview the candidate or analyze their leadership potential.

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Profiles Assessment Center (PAC) Quick Start Package with 10 Assessments

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