Insights & tips for hiring the right people 

At Talent Gear, we have a simple mission: to help you connect your business strategy to your people strategy. We offer advice and tips on topics from improving your hiring process and retaining your employees to developing leaders and building stronger, more effective teams.

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Recruiting & Hiring

Is there anything more fundamental to the success of your organization than the people you hire? Products and services may get all the attention at many companies, but it’s people that really drive success. Browse these resources to learn how to make more confident hiring decisions and develop passionate and dedicated employees.

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Leadership Development

Few people are natural-born leaders. Most are the result of years of watching and learning from more experienced mentors and peers. Studying can help, too. Here’s a list of articles to help you improve leadership development at your company. 

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Employee Retention

Just as hiring the best people is key to long-term organizational success, so is retaining them once you’ve invested in their education and development. Learn how to keep your employees loyal and motivated here. 

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Team Development

Nobody works in a vacuum. And few organizations succeed without people working together to achieve common goals. Learn how to develop a team mentality and put it to work to make your organization stronger and more successful.

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