Buying additional meters

In your PAC account, you'll see references to “meters,” which are essentially credits within the PAC system. Each PXT Select assessment test costs one meter. A meter is consumed once you run the first report from the candidate's or employee's assessment.
Did you know that additional reports can be run from a single assessment? 1 meter = 1 assessment = multiple reports. For example, you can run a Comprehensive Selection Report for you and offer the candidate the Individual's Feedback Report all for a single meter.
Purchase additional meters here.
Use extra meters for
  • additional candidates, so you can run the Multiple Candidates Report adn select the best.
  • managers, so you can run the Manager-Employee Report and set their relationship off right.
  • current employees
    • so you can run the Multiple Positions Report to see what other jobs where they might be moved.
    • so you can run the Team Report so teams can work together more effectively.
    • so you can run the Leadership Report to identify high potential employees.

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