PXT Select™ Tests

PXT Select assessments provide a full suite of reports to help you make more confident decisions from hiring to promotions. With each assessment you purchase, you’ll get: 

  1. One candidate assessment test
  2. Access to the Profiles Assessment Center (PAC) for administering tests and running reports
  3. Results delivered across the full suite of reports:
    • Comprehensive Selection Report
    • Leadership Report
    • Sales Comprehensive Selection Report
    • Multiple Candidates Report (if assessments for two or more candidates are purchased)
    • Multiple Positions Report
    • Individual's Feedback Report
    • Individual's Graph Report
    • Coaching Report
    • Manager-Employee Report
    • Team Report
    • Performance Model Reports
  4. Support from the Talent Gear team to answer your questions.

As with any other selection assessment, the PXT Select results should account for no more than one-third of a hiring decision.

PXT Select™ is a registered trademark of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. All rights reserved.

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PXT Select™ Tests

PXT Select™ Tests

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