PXT Select™ Performance Models

Finding the right employee begins with knowing who you’re looking for

What thinking styles, behaviors and occupational inclinations are necessary for performing a job successfully? Many hiring managers have no clear idea, so they start the hiring process without knowing exactly what they need.

PXT Select™ helps you identify these critical attributes of job success. It then creates a “Performance Model” based on the range of scores most predictive of success in the positions you’re trying to fill. Once you have a Performance Model, your hiring process can be accelerated and the path for future employee development will be clearly illuminated.

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Pick from Our Performance Model Library

Pulling data from tens of thousands of top and bottom performers across a variety of positions, PXT Select has developed a Performance Model Library for 150 industry benchmarks and thousands of potential jobs. You can use them as-is or as a starting point for your own customized models.
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Build Custom Models

The Talent Gear team can also help you build a custom model that targets the unique thinking styles, behaviors and interests that would make someone a great candidate for the position you’re looking to fill.
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Replicate Top Performers

Every organization would love to replicate their top performers. Your Talent Gear team can help you do it with PXT Select—helping you to identify the key attributes that make your top performers who they are to develop custom performance models for finding people just like them.

Performance Model Library

PXT Select offers a wide range of performance models to match your open positions. We can help you create ones specific to your needs.

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View samples of our most commonly used models below.

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