Selecting a job classification (Performance Model)

One of your first tasks will be to choose the PXT Select Performance Model or Models you want to use. Which one best matches the job opening you need to fill?

Review Performance Models

Navigate to Manage > Performance Models.

PXT Select menu: Manage

This is where you will be able to manage the Performance Models once you've selected them.

Click the New button.

You'll be able to create your own model, but let's begin by choosing one already created.

Select Library Performance Model and click the Continue button.

PXT Select Create Peformance Model

On the next page click on the Browse button.

PXT Select PAC image

This leads you to the Library.

PXT Select: Browse Performance Library

Click on the + sign to see what models are available under each category.

PAC download image

Click on the printer icon and a new browser tab will open, sending you to a page where you can download a PDF for your review.

Click on the profession that matches your job opening; e.g., Computer Programmers.
TIP: Hovering your mouse over a profession will also provide you with a summary of the model.

Create/name your model

This will return you to the Performance Model - Create page.

PAC: Name Performance Model

Name your model and then click Create.

Consider adding information to the name, desciption, or notes that includes information on  department, manager, job number, or information helpful to you in the future.

You'll now see the basic graphs for this model.

PAC: Model to Activate

Click on Activate and Save.

Status will change from Creating to Active.