PXT Select™ Certification

Take your knowledge to a deeper level

The hiring and selection process for new employees can be stressful and time-consuming. And while PXT Select will help simplify the process, it’s even more valuable if used by someone who knows it inside and out. Completing the PXT Select Certification program will make you that person in your organization.

Deliver the best-in-class hiring and selection tool to your organization

Become recognized as the Talent Management expert who knows how to close the talent gap in your organization. Becoming PXT Select certified will demonstrate your proven ability to use PXT Select to get the absolute most from its many features and tools.

Confidence & Credibility

Earning an Expert Practitioner Certificate will give you the confidence and credibility to bring the benefits of PXT Select to your entire organization. Plus, you can earn 12 Personal Development Credits.

A Deeper Level of Knowledge

Taught by our team of Education Specialists from Wiley you’ll get more than just deeper knowledge and expertise; you’ll also learn how to handle complex scenarios that are certain to come up during selection and development.  

A Long-Term Solution

The employee life cycle can last for many years. PXT Select is invaluable for making better decisions every step of the way. From hiring and selection, onboarding and coaching to employee development, promotions, career pathing and succession planning.

Flexible, Online Scheduling

The PXT Select Certification program gives you the flexibility of self-paced, online learning combined with a live, virtual classroom experience. The three-week course is designed to make you a more confident, knowledgeable and effective provider of PXT Select within your organization. 
SHRM Recertification Badge

Talent Gear is a SHRM Recertification Provider

SHRM credential holders can earn 12 Professional Development Credits (PDCs) from the Society for Human Resource Management when they complete the PXT Select Expert Practitioner Certification.

Take control of your hiring process