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At TalentGear.com, we’re here to help you build the strongest organization possible. We offer a selection of the highest quality profiles and other tools because we know you are investing in your organization’s success and only want the best.
Our outstanding, knowledgeable customer service representatives are available to answer your questions and help you navigate to find the right options for your company.
If you want to develop talent throughout your organization in-house, you’ve come to the right place. If the prospect of doing it yourself seems overwhelming, we can help you find a talented trainer. TalentGear does not provide training or facilitation services.
Do we practice what we preach? We’re proud to say we use all the profiles we offer in our organization. We score the highest marks for trust, dealing with conflict, commitment, accountability, and results. We think that’s what makes us special and why you’ll enjoy working with us.
What we can do for you
● Provide the best organizational health products on the market today
● Deliver an exceptional customer service experience
● Support you by offering advice on the best solutions to fit your needs
● Offer great value

I was working with a new client and they wanted me to facilitate a DiSC conversation with their entire organization. This was a big deal for me, a high stakes contract and I needed to impress! The company confirmed the contract the Friday before a three day holiday. They wanted the DiSC link sent to their entire staff on holiday Monday. Yikes! I went online late in the day on Friday not expecting to have my request for additional EPIC credits responded to until Tuesday after the holiday. To my surprise and delight, the credits were issued within the hour. Thank you for all the exceptional work you do every day behind the scenes to support me in my work! It is appreciated. And by the way, the client was so impressed they have extended my contract!

Cheryl Williams, CW Consultants

What we won’t do
● Disclose or sell our client list
● Try to sell you consulting services
● Deliver training for your programs
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